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ANR Extended Seminar Was Held on April 11th

ANR Extended Seminar - Mid-Year Mini-Conference! With Stan in town, we were holding an extended seminar this Saturday, April 11th, starting at noon. Lab members presented their projects - progress from November conference, for bragging and feedback. Also we had guests from other HSE-units.

The following speakers presented their reports:

'Technological platform in energy sector: network approach application'

'Diffusion of innovation through network from stakeholders management perspective'

'Seed clustering method in social networks'

'Sanctions Network Dynamics: Agency Impact on Network Architecture and Outcome', 
'Balance of Power in the Networked World', 
'Leaders among Leaders: Managing Networks for Educational Objectives'

'Influence of social factors on HQ-sub relationships: previous studies and Russian case'

  • Malceva Daria (ANR-Lab):

'Network approach: trends in theory and methodology building', 
'Network research in Russia: the structure of scientific community'

'Direct influence of indirect ties'

'Coevolution of political attitudes and relationships among students'

  • Valieva Dilyara (International Research Laboratory for Institutional Analysis of Economic Reforms)

'Good Friends, Bad Grades: the Impact of Academic Failure on Student Relationships'

'Business Policemen Behind the Blue Veil of Silence: Topology, Resilience and Power of Elite Corrupt Police Networks'

'Regional migration in Europe from a network perspective'

  • Lind Ben, Mkrtchyan Georgy (ANR-Lab):

'Two-Mode Tie Formation in Creative Collaborative Networks'

'Do personal relations affect employees’ task performance?'

  • Petrova Liudmila (Department of General and Strategic Management)

'How to overcome project failures: social networks influence'