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International Laboratory for Applied Network Research holds regular workshops, webinars and meetups on applied data analysis and network research, where we discuss current projects of the Lab members and invite speakers from outside the Lab.

To get familiar with the previous seminars, please refer to the links and videos below.

The new events are announced at the "Announcements" section, as well as ANR-Lab Fb and Vk pages. To subscribe to the distribution of announcements and materials for future seminars, and also to receive a pass for the seminar, please write to anr@hse.ru.

Seminars in 2020

October, 19ANR-Lab Seminar “Data Envelopment Analysis as a Tool to Evaluate Marketing Policy Reliability and Effectiveness”Video
October, 12ANR-Lab seminar «The structure of the professional online community: the case of Russian sociologists»Video
October, 5Methodological ANR-Lab seminar "Discussion of the questionnaire before the pilot launch"No
September, 28ANR-Lab Seminar "Comparing two approaches to bibliometric networks construction"Video
July, 13Open house day of the master's program "Applied Statistics with Network Analysis": Q&A with Academic SupervisorVideo
June, 29Open house day of the master's program "Applied Statistics with Network Analysis" and a master class "What is wrong with SWOT analysis?"Video
June, 15Open house day of the master's program "Applied Statistics with Network Analysis": new MASNA specializations Video
April, 30ANR-Lab Seminar "Blockmodeling for the analysis of social structures: the study of the interaction of St. Petersburg sociologists"Video
 February, 10Open house day of the master's program "Applied Statistics with Network Analysis" and presentation of Anuška Ferligoj "Motivations to study Network Analysis"Video
Seminars in 2019
November, 25Meetup "Advances in Network Clustering and Blockmodeling"Video
October, 21Meetup "What SNA is all about: the most important works in Social network analysis"Video 12
May, 28, 29Methodological seminars ANR-Lab "Revealing clusters in networks with blockmodeling"Video 1234
May, 27ANR-Lab weekly seminar "Errors in social network research design”Video 
April, 9Special seminar for the 5th anniversary of ANR-Lab "The Network Science Behind Weaponized Social Media" (J. Skvoretz, University of South Florida)Video 12
April, 8ANR-Lab's Seminar: Scientific Co-authorship Networks (M. Cugmas, University of Ljubljana)Video
March, 18Seminar with the discussion of article "If Parsons Had Pajek"Video
February, 5
March, 4
ANR-Lab Methodological Seminars Series: Pajek ProgramVideo 123
February, 25ANR-Lab weekly seminar "Link Prediction in Co-authorship Networks”Video 
January, 14New Centrality Measures in Networks and their ApplicationVideo 12

Seminars in 2018

December, 24

New Year's seminar of ANR-Lab


December, 3

Social network analysis: what bibliometric analysis can tell about the development of scientific directions. Insights from the University of Ljubljana

Video 12 

November, 19

Information waves in social networks: problematization, definition, mechanisms of distribution


October, 29

New embedding models in text analysis

October, 22Studying Emigrant Networks with Social Network Analysis: ANR-Lab NRU HSE Open Seminar
Video 12
October, 11Презентация "Human Freedom and Environmental Policies: Social Network Analysis"Video 
October, 8Anuška Ferligoj: Measuring networks: reliability and validityVideo
Seminars in 2019


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