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International Laboratory for Applied Network Research holds regular seminars and workshops on applied data analysis and network research, where we discuss current projects of the Lab members and invite speakers from outside the Lab.

To get familiar with the previous seminars, please refer to the links and videos below.

The new events are announced at the "Announcements" section, as well as ANR-Lab VK page. To subscribe to the distribution of announcements and materials for future seminars, and also to receive a pass for the seminar, please write to anr@hse.ru.

Seminars in 2024
June, 20ANR-Lab Bibliometrics Group Thematic SeminarVideo
June, 3Discourse Analysis of the Image of Panic in the Media during Periods of UncertaintyVideo
May, 13Is it Still Possible to Build Clusters on Factors, and if so, how?Video
April, 22Committee or Faction? Institutional Factors of the Russian Parliamentarians Network InteractionVideo
April, 15Structural Stability of the Russian Sociologists’ Online Community: 2011—2018Video
February, 26Methods to Estimate Ethics of Intelligent SystemsVideo
February, 12How to Measure Human-Centricity of a Company Using Non-Survey Data?Video
February, 5Network Analysis of Leading Young Universities CollaborationVideo
January, 29Network Analysis of International Military Conflicts Taking into Account Internal ConflictsVideo
January, 22ANR-Lab team results at the hackathon XMAS HACK 2023Video
Seminars in 2023
December, 18NLP meets SNA - Injecting Social Network Knowledge to Language ModelsVideo
December, 12How the family narrative helps to overcome the risks of family businessNo
November, 27Feeling safe in the city: methodological aspects of measurementVideo
November, 20Studying social capital in urban networks in relation to behavior and communication on social mediaVideo
October, 30Study of the International Collaborations of the Russian Scientists on the Web of Science Materials: Research Questions and Research ChallengesVideo
October, 23Comparative analysis of the capabilities of WOS and ELIBRARY for the bibliographic network analysis: a case study of Russian sociologistsVideo
October, 16Aryuna Kim's state final exam rehearsal - qualitative research analysisNo
October, 9Article in Inter: Methodological approach to the study of relations in the network: qualitative network analysisVideo
October, 2Report from a trip to the EUSN conferenceVideo
April, 17Collaboration patterns in the Russian sociological community: the structure of scientific schools and their growth potentialVideo
March, 27Projects of the laborarory membersVideo
March, 6Network Analysis of HSE Student Council MembersVideo
February, 20User-generated content in the consumer decision-making model in online commerceNo
February, 13Theoretical and methodological foundations of qualitative social network analysisNo
February, 6Factors of increasing social capital in the student bodyVideo
Seminars in 2022
December, 7Structure and patterns of collaboration in the scientific community: the case of Russian science (Sredin seminar, University of Ljubljana)Video
November, 28International Mobility OpportunitiesVideo
October, 24Visualizing social networks in GephiVideo
October, 17Actor-network theory of Bruno LatourVideo
October, 10History of Network Data VisualizationVideo
October, 3Russian Science development based on bibliometric analysis of Web of Science data: methodological discussionVideo
June, 6Determinants of perceptions of people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in RussiaNo
June, 6Comparison of blockmodeling approaches for directed and undirected dynamic networksVideo
May, 16Feeling safe in the city: methodological aspects of measurementNo
April, 25New Publications by ANR-Lab membersVideo
April, 11Theoretical and methodological foundations of qualitative social network analysisNo
April, 4Preparation for the Yasin (April) ConferenceNo
March, 28Comparative analysis of topics covered by false and reliable news in the context of the COVID-19 pandemicNo
March, 21Text data analysisVideo
February, 14Writing in LaTex: tips for writing your articleVideo
February, 7Exploring Communities of Teacher Education Researchers: Bibliometric StudyVideo
January, 31Advantages and challenges of qualitative social network analysis for studying social capital of migrantsVideo
January, 24Social Research in Times of Big DataVideo
January, 17Network analysis of Eurasian Rail FreightNo
Seminars in 2021
December, 27New Year's Eve ANR-Lab seminarNo
December, 20Studying the qualitative social network analysisNo
December, 13Brand research in the connected worldVideo
December, 6Network analysis capabilities in Pajek program: introductionVideo
November, 29Uban safety perceptionNo
November, 22The experience of article publishing in an international peer-reviewed journal through the eyes of a novice researcherVideo
November, 15Celebrity Cross-Platform Strategies: Social Media AnalysisNo
October, 25Myths and Beliefs about Medical Microchips in Russian and European ConsciousnessVideo
October, 4Principles and strategy of cognitive interviewVideo
September, 27Collaboration patterns in the Russian sociological community: the structure of scientific schools and their growth potentialVideo
June, 21Network analysis capabilities in Pajek: two-mode network analysisVideo
June, 7What Determines Scientific Impact? Comparison of Two Citation-based ApproachesNo
May, 31A position of qualitative network analysis in the social sciences: systematic literature reviewNo
May, 24Network analysis capabilities in Pajek: network visualisationVideo
May, 17SML Technology for Customer Journey Analysis: Opportunities and LimitationsNo
April, 26Network analysis capabilities in Pajek: how to work with your datasetVideo
April, 12Network analysis capabilities in Pajek program: transformation and multiplication of networksVideo
March, 29Network analysis opportunities in PajekVideo
March, 15Practices of building trust through joint leisure (on the example of the Moscow night club "Mutabor")Video
March, 1The structure of scientific collaborationVideo
February, 15Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to measuring Impact of Social Movements on Environmental Policy ChangeNo
February, 8Inspiration gives you an idea: how to create a presentation if you’re not a designerVideo
February, 1Mass behavior: contemporary conceptualization and research opportunitiesVideo
January, 25Application of network analysis in sociological researchNo
January, 18Highlighting key topics in sociology: a glance through the prism of citation network analysisVideo
Seminars in 2020
December, 28Discussion of the questionnaire before the pilot studyNo
December, 21Systematic literature review: application of qualitative network analysis in empirical researchNo
December, 14Frame analysis of the anti-vaccination discourse of online communitiesNo
December, 7Theoretical and methodological approaches to modeling social changeNo
November, 30The Art of Presentations in the Scientific EnvironmentVideo
November, 2Nature and mechanisms of mass behavior: from classical sociology to contemporary theoretical modelsNo
October, 26The Social Support Networks of Elderly People in Slovenia during the Covid-19 PandemicVideo
October, 19Data Envelopment Analysis as a Tool to Evaluate Marketing Policy Reliability and EffectivenessVideo
October, 12The structure of the professional online community: the case of Russian sociologistsVideo
October, 5Discussion of the questionnaire before the pilot launchNo
September, 28Comparing two approaches to bibliometric networks constructionVideo
July, 13Open house day of the master's programme 'Applied Statistics with Network Analysis': Q&A with Academic SupervisorVideo
June, 29Open house day of the master's programme 'Applied Statistics with Network Analysis' and a master class 'What is wrong with SWOT analysis?'
June, 15Open house day of the master's programme 'Applied Statistics with Network Analysis': new MASNA specializations Video
April, 30Blockmodeling for the analysis of social structures: the study of the interaction of St. Petersburg sociologistsVideo
 February, 10Open house day of the master's programme 'Applied Statistics with Network Analysis' and presentation of Anuška Ferligoj 'Motivations to study Network Analysis'
Seminars in 2019
November, 25Meetup 'Advances in Network Clustering and Blockmodeling'Video
October, 21Meetup 'What SNA is all about: the most important works in Social network analysis'Video 12
May, 28, 29Revealing clusters in networks with blockmodelingVideo 1234
May, 27Errors in social network research designVideo 
April, 9Special seminar for the 5th anniversary of ANR-Lab 'The Network Science Behind Weaponized Social Media' (J. Skvoretz, University of South Florida)Video 12
April, 8Scientific Co-authorship Networks (M. Cugmas, University of Ljubljana)Video
March, 18Discussion of article 'If Parsons Had Pajek'Video
February, 5
February, 11
March, 4
Methodological Seminars Series: Pajek ProgramVideo 123
February, 25Link Prediction in Co-authorship NetworksVideo 
January, 14New Centrality Measures in Networks and their ApplicationVideo 12
Seminars in 2018
December, 24New Year's seminar of ANR-Lab 
December, 3Social network analysis: what bibliometric analysis can tell about the development of scientific directions. Insights from the University of LjubljanaVideo 12 
November, 19Information waves in social networks: problematization, definition, mechanisms of distributionVideo
October, 29New embedding models in text analysisVideo
October, 22Studying Emigrant Networks with Social Network Analysis
Video 12
October, 11Human Freedom and Environmental Policies: Social Network AnalysisVideo 
October, 8Anuška Ferligoj: Measuring networks: reliability and validityVideo
Seminars in 2019


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