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International laboratory for Applied Network Research

Internet in the Post-Soviet Area: Technological, Economic and Political Aspects

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Book chapter
Comparative Analysis of Topics Covered by False and True News in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Clustering and Blockmodeling Temporal Networks - Two Indirect Approaches In press

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The International Laboratory for Applied Network Research NRU HSE develops and tests new methods for analyzing network data, applying them in empirical research in various scientific fields. The ANR-Lab members get represented by researchers from sociology, political science, economics, management, mathematics, statistics, computer linguistics, and computer science. We maintain cooperation with Russian and international scientists and research groups working in the field of network analysis.

In the autumn of 2017, our Lab launched the master's programme 'Data Analytics and Social Statistics' (previously – 'Applied Statistics with Network Analysis').


On March 30, the Data Analytics and Social Statistics programme held a series of events as part of an Open Day at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The programme of events assumed a hybrid format and included several presentations by representatives of the master's programme.
April 12
HSE University currently have an open competition for the Program to Attract Russian Postdocs. As part of the competition, two vacancies for postdocs (research fellows) are open in the division 'International Laboratory for Applied Network Research' (ANR Lab).
April 10
Employees of ANR-Lab Sergey Davydov and Nataliya Matveeva took part in the study titled 'Influence of artificial intelligence on education' ('Digital economy').
February 28
The online programme 'Applied Statistics with Network Analysis' has changed its name to 'Data Analytics and Social Statistics'. The programme update happened for a reason – we are sharing the details.
February 21
As part of the campaign for additional recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, ANR-Lab has opened a position for a research assistant. The deadline for applications is February 21.
February 15
International Laboratory for Applied Network Research in Moscow, Russia, invites applications for postdoctoral research positions in the field of application of statistical methods in Network Analysis, the study of network dynamics in time, analysis of interactions in scientific collectives, organizations, social movements, and informal groups, spread of information and analysis of individuals' behavior in media and online social networks.
February 04
Laboratory team members took part in two data analysis hackathons and won prizes.
December 28, 2023
Ivan Klimov and Sergey Davydov acted as experts in the trend review that followed the results of the Grushin VTsIOM conference. Using content analysis of the texts of the conference reports, a database of trend signals was formed, which were distributed into subject-thematic clusters and formed the basis of a matrix (map) of trends. Our colleagues gave their assessments of the forecasts that were compiled as part of the trend map.
December 27, 2023
Lika Kapustina won an advanced state academic scholarship of 1st degree in the 'Public Activities' category.
December 26, 2023
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